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Be Heart-Smart by Keeping Active!

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Steve shares his tips to stay heart-smart by keeping active, although stuck behind his desk all day.


Sr. Security Analyst

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Work can be so sedentary. You sit at a desk all day, looking at a screen. As an IT professional, it can be easy to slip into the stereotype of being a desk jockey. Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for my health and increase my chances for heart disease. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I try to move as much as possible by finding smart ways to squeeze in some time periodically throughout my workday. While working at a desk, I’ll take a mini-break for a couple of minutes every 70 to 90 minutes to get up, get in a few steps to grab a drink. If there’s an idea I need to brainstorm or a phone call I need to make or take, I’ll stand up to get out of my chair. I’ll also break up lengthy blocks of sitting time with stretching.

I also utilize my time outside of work to keep in shape. It’s convenient for me to hit the gym before work every morning to keep moving and get my head in a good space to tackle the day.

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