From Lag to Lightning: Speeding Up A MSME Network

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Micro-, Small-, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are the driving force of our modern economy. This week, we wanted to share the inspiring story of one of our clients, Rose Contracting of Westchester, and how they transformed their office setup with a high-performance wired network, revolutionizing their productivity and success.

The challenge

Rose Contracting was using a wireless network installed by a prior vendor. Multiple devices sharing a single wireless connection caused lag and slow performance, especially when using critical applications like QuickBooks. This hindered their operations and demanded a solution.

The solution

To address their challenges, Rose Contracting asked netEffx to help. We developed a tailored plan to build a reliable and efficient wired network. Our team worked to optimize their network infrastructure for enhanced productivity.

The solution in action

Our technicians revamped Rose Contracting’s network setup with the following technology solutions:

  1. Relocating the Router and Modem: We strategically moved these components to facilitate the solution.
  2. Implementing a New Firewall: A robust SonicWALL firewall solution was installed, ensuring network security and protecting their valuable data from threats.
  3. Installing a New Network Switch: A new network switch was deployed for efficient data transmission, reducing delays and enabling faster communication.
  4. Running New Cables and Terminations: New CAT6 cables and terminations improved connectivity, eliminating disruptions and created a reliable wired network while retaining existing wireless support.

The Transformation: Accelerated Network Performance

The impact was immediate. QuickBooks, previously slow to load files, now opened swiftly. Online work became faster and more stable, empowering employees to focus on their tasks without connectivity issues. Rose expressed appreciation for the ability to cut down on the amount of time and resources it took to complete routine tasks.

Advantages of a Wired Network in the Office

  1. Enhanced Stability and Reliability: Wired networks offer stable connections, minimizing dropped signals and interference, crucial for real-time data access and collaboration.
  2. Improved Security: Wired networks provide higher security levels compared to wireless setups, protecting sensitive business information.
  3. Increased Speed and Bandwidth: Wired networks deliver faster data transmission speeds and more bandwidth, enabling quick access to shared resources and data-intensive applications.

Empowering MSMEs with netEffx’s IT Services

By partnering with technology experts like netEffx, businesses can achieve significant improvements in their performance, security, and productivity. At netEffx, we understand the unique needs of MSMEs. Our services empower businesses to enhance efficiency, productivity, and security through up-to-date technology solutions. Join us in transforming your IT infrastructure and unlock your business’s full potential.

Are you ready to take your MSME to new heights? Contact us today! Rose Contracting’s success story can be your success story too!

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