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Toner, Fusers & Rollers – Oh My! Know Your Printer Consumables

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Have you ever wondered…what ARE printer consumables and why are they important? In short, printer consumables keep your printer running! Β For example, these include items like toner, printer drums, fusers, and rollers. Without these essential components, your printer simply wouldn’t work!

Printer consumable types

  • Printer toner: A fine powder used to create images and text on paper. It’s kind of like ink, but for a laser printer.
  • Drums: Seen on Brother printers, for example, printer drums use electrostatic charges to transfer toner particles onto paper to create images and text, ensuring that your printed documents come out looking clear and sharp.
  • Fusers: Help to “fuse”, or melt the toner powder onto paper. It uses heat and pressure to securely bond toner to paper.
  • Rollers: Move paper through the printer. However, they wear out with time and get dirty/sticky, which can cause paper jams or other printing problems.

netEffx knows printers!

At netEffx, we specialize in providing high-quality printer consumables and replacement parts to our clients. Additionally, we have the expertise to troubleshoot, repair and replace these components, ensuring that your printer is always running at its best. We offer a wide range of products, including Brother, HP, Lexmark and Canon-compatible remanufactured toners through our online toner store, making it easy to find exactly what you need for your printer.

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Don’t let printer problems slow you down – trust the experts at netEffx to provide the printer consumables and replacement parts you need to keep your printer running smoothly. Click here to learn more about our printer support services or fill out the form below to get started!

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