Printer Repair vs. Replacement: How to Make the Right Decision

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When your trusty printer hits a snag, the big question arises: “should I repair it or replace it?” In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk you through the decision process. Hopefully, this will help you find the option that suits your needs and budget.

Assess the situation 

  1. Weigh the costs: Balancing the labor costs against potential benefits is essential for making a financially wise decision. 
  2. Age Matters: When a printer reaches the end of its functional lifespan, operating expenses can rise due to the availability (or unavailability) of parts and the expertise required to fix it. 
  3. Factor in toner and consumables: If you require higher print volumes, it is good to consider the price and your current stock of toner and other consumables. 
  4. Consider your initial investment: Comparing the initial cost of your printer with the repair expenses helps gauge whether repair costs are proportionate to the printer’s original value. 

Repair vs. replacement: The decision

The case for repair

  • Cost: If the rates are reasonable and lower than replacing your printer, then repairing your printer is the economical choice. 
  • Familiarity: If you’re accustomed to your printer’s functions and interface, there is no learning curve when repairing your current printer. 
  • Sentimental value: If your printer holds significance due to its history, a repair can keep it in service longer.
  • Toner and Consumables: If you have a large stock of toner and consumables for your current printer, repair may be a good option to use it up.
  • *Pro tip!* Proper maintenance can extend your printer’s life and save you money.

The case for replacement

  • Cost: If the printer requires significant repairs or multiple replacement components, the total expense may exceed the price of a new printer.
  • Advanced features: If you require features like wireless printing, higher print speeds, or others, a new printer can provide with added functionality you want.
  • Warranty and support: New printers often come with warranties that provide peace of mind. Manufacturers’ support and updates provide a smoother printing experience.
  • *Pro tip!* Refurbished printers often come with warranties without the hefty price. These are the smart choice to upgrade on a budget!

Making the right call

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Make a decision that aligns with your needs, budget, and the longevity you want out of a printer. 

netEffx: Your printer partner

No matter what option you decide, netEffx is here to assist you with your printer. 

  • New Printer? No Problem: If you’re leaning toward a new laser printer, we can guide you to the right fit—whether new or refurbished, monochrome or color.
  • Repair with confidence: If repair is your choice, count on our technicians to get your printer back up and running efficiently, we have decades of experience!
  • If you’re still not sure, speak to one of our techs. netEffx’s technicians can troubleshoot your printer and help you make an informed decision.
Our techs are here to support you, whether you choose to repair or replace your broken printer!

If your printer is having issues, give netEffx a call at 845-454-2027, or use the form below to contact a technician.

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