The Art of Identity: Our Logo’s Remarkable Journey

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Our company just unveiled a brand-new logo for 2023. We thought it was the perfect time to take a stroll down memory lane and discover the fascinating world of design. We’re going start by reminiscing about some of our old branding identities. Hopefully it can inspire your company’s fresh new face for the 2020s.

netEffx logo - c.2023

2023 – A Nod to the Past, A Leap Into the Future

Here it is, our 2023 logo! This identity is more than just a design. Instead, it’s a tribute to our past while embracing the future. This one designed with versatility in mind. The iconic elements are perfect for the digital age of social media. It’s a visual testament to netEffx’s journey and what lies ahead.

netEffx logo - c.2020

2020 – Typography and Technology

Our 2020 logo created a blend of strong typography and a circuit board-inspired symbol. The typography conveyed the ideas of security and professionalism. Meanwhile, the circuit board hinted at our tech-savvy spirit. It was seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

netEffx logo - c.2016

2016 – A Vision Unveiled

In 2016, another logo graced our brand. Our graphic designer invited viewers to embrace the future. This design emphasized the power of minimalism and modernity. It was a reflection of our commitment to staying current in the design landscape. A mild update was made in 2018, which added an icon to the original typography. It conveyed humanity & communication through technology, a principle core to the netEffx ethos.

netEffx logo - c.2006

2006 – “Computer Man” Logo

Our next design was affectionately dubbed “Computer Man.” The designer crafted a visual identity that spoke volumes. Sleek lines gave the logo the feeling of movement, and the bold colors gave a touch of mystique. It was a symbol embracing the feel of the maturing digital age.

netEffx logo - c.1996

1996 – The Pioneering Era

Back in ’96, our first branding design emerged. This design embraced the power of typography, reflecting the prevailing design trends of the era. It was a nod to the growing importance of clean design and adaptability in the digital age.

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